Constant Drop-outs & Skips Volumio/Tidal Connect - Raspberry Pi

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 B+
DAC: HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro

A week ago I put together a dedicated streamer with a Raspberry Pi 3, Hifiberry DAC+ Pro hat, Volumio Virtuoso, & Tidal Premium; the primary source being Tidal Connect through the Pi running Volumio. Setup was easy and I was surprised to find Tidal Connect work flawlessly through the system. Up until 2 days ago, in which every other song began to skip randomly 3-5 seconds forward and/or simply drop-out entirely. I have tried running Tidal Connect with my Windows PC app, as well as with my Pixel Android app; same issue for both (the PC is ethernet connected, the phone via WiFi)…similarly, I have tried the Pi with both WiFi OR ethernet connected; neither makes a difference.

I have tried:

  • Restarting the Pi countless times
  • Restarting Tidal and/or Volumio Countless times
  • Changing playback settings in Volumio to increase buffering size (from 8mb to 12mb), and/or increase buffering percentage from 10% all the way to 30%.
  • I’ve changed from DSD to DSD over PCM.
  • I’ve tried using all ethernet vs using wifi
  • Using PC to run Tidal vs phone to run Tidal
  • Turning resampling on or off in Volumio
  • Checked PSU for Pi to make sure red light is stable with no power loss.

Interestingly, once I start a song in Tidal Connect–you can see the song start in Volumio too. When the song drops in Tidal, the Volumio playback in Volumio app on computer continues to show song “playing”…but Tidal has shown it to stop and no sound is coming through the Pi into my receiver.

Hi, I am having the same issue, songs stop playing in a random way, it is not possible to listen to a complete album. It is very annoying, especially if you are paying for the Virtuoso subscription in order to have Tidal Connect.