Consistently can’t get Tidal

I’ve subscribed to myvolumio and in the last few days can’t get Tidal. Under Sources I’m logged in at the top with the Virtuoso plan, my device is listed, but below I continue to get the invitation to subscribe: “start a free trial!” etc.

I’m up to date. I’ve tried to log in and out countless times. I’ve deleted all user data and started from scratch. I’ve reinstalled from SD. Nothing works!

I also regularly get the pop up “Error object Object”.

Please help, I’m going crazy.

Now it’s solved. Sorry, it was an issue on our side

I have the same situation. Can you help me please?

Am also stuck without access to Tidal.

I have a current sub, but am listed as “In trial Period.” There seems to be no way to check actual sub status or submit a technical problem other than this open forum…

Any help would be appreciated…