Connection to Tidal down

Hello all,

My devices seems to have lost connection to Tidal. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Could it be related to DST Root cetrtificate expiration at 10 AM today? Seems to have stopped playing around that time.


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Yes see other threads about Qobuz, servers seem to be down @volumio @mervinio

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It is ideed related to the DST root certificate expiration. There is another thread about it

See here:

Update is coming soon

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Also for Sparky user ?

We’ll focus on officially supported platforms first, then we can do also sparky, no problem

Is 2.914 safe to download/test for RPI 3b based devices?

Thanks in advance

You have test mode set I suppose, better wait till you get the official OK

Yes we are still testing. Wait for the official ok, hopefully its a matter of minutes