Connection issues on unsecured network

Hi everyone, new to the Raspberry and Volumio world. The goal is to get Tidal connect streaming through my Digione Hat.

My intent with this streamer was to be able to use it at the office, using the unsecured “Customers” wifi at my workplace. I installed Volumio successfully, I Configured my Rpi to the unsecured network I want to use successfully at intial setup. The problem is when I connect back to my wifi (Same one I configured my Rpi to) I cannot find it. Trying the Volumio app, and the volumio.local link are not successful in connecting to the Rpi. I’ve tried formatting and re flashing Volumio a few times with no luck. Using a Lan cable is not a option. Could this be a network issue or a security measure on the router? My phone auto connects every day to this network. Using a Zfold phone but also tried my windows PC with zero luck. I have the Fing app installed, and my Rpi doesn’t show connected to this network only shows my phone.

Also before the RPi I had a Bluesound node but I had the exact same issue. The only way I could use it was by bringing a wifi extender from home creating a secured network from that SSID. But the connection was too weak and constantly dropped out.

Any clues? Thanks