Connect2 Not showing up in Spotify App

Hi All.

I have the Connect2 plugin working and installed, updated to 1.0.0 today. However, there is an issue that is persistent.

The weirdness is it will only work from the Spotify Desktop app ( OSX Catalina 10.15.4
And only with Multi-User Device set OFF. IE. Logged in with my User account.

Once playing from the Desktop app it will show up in the iPhone/ iPad app and I can then select and control music from the iPhing. But not before connecting to the Plugin via the Desktop app first. And not consistently.

Any thoughts gratefully received.


The Volumio Spotify Connect has been also stopped working for me after the plugin upgrade to very last version 1.0.0. The proposed workaround is to uninstall it and do a fresh new plugin installation after the device reboot. At least it is working for me like a charm now.