Connect to USB HDD connected to Volumio Primo from Windows 10 PC

Hi there,

I have an USB HDD connected to Volumio Primo to where I rip my CD collection with a USB CD drive.

For backup purposes and sometimes some CDs must be ripped in my PC, I would like to connect to the USB HDD from my PC, over my network.

Is it possible?

Can someone help?

Paulo Nunes

You could try using WinSCP, from your PC, I’d expect the mount point to be in /mnt on the volumio

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Awesome!!! Exactly what I needed. Thanks :+1:

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If you have a Router, you could always plug the HDD there, and it will be shared across your network. That’s what I do with Volumio. And transfer new music from my Mac to it as well.

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My usb hdd appears in my network, I just drag the folders to it, no software needed?!

Yeah, from Mac it will appear, yo just need to connect to it. In my system the user and password are the Default ones, admin, admin.