Configuring usable volume range

Is it possible in Volumio or in mpd to configure usable volume range?

I’m using a Pi 1 B+ with an Amp+ and the usable range seems to be min 30 to max 60.

Would it be possible to reconfigure so the min 30 becomes 0 and the max 60 becomes 100?

Thus inflating the usable volume range causing a higher resolution of volume control whilst
making the setup more intuitive to use? :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I don’t have an answer but have the same issue :imp: .

My usable range seems to be min 70 to max 100. Looking for 0-100 range.

My set-up (if this can help) : Raspberry Pi 2B, IQAudio DAC+, Volumio 1.55, DIY 60W Power amp.

With the kids turning the knob via the Volumio GUI on their Apple’s device it’s risky since the range is so small.


Anyone ??


Well, my problem is solved :mrgreen:

Contacted Gordon at IQAudio (amazing service and product) and he told me to set the software volume control. The ALSA volume level needs to be set to 0db (86% on linux prior to very latest, 100% on very latest) via the alsamixer. I used the documentations provided on his site and now everything is fine, software volume with a range from 0-100%.


Did you change this in mpd.conf? Howwww :smiley: I simply can’t find out how. I’m using a 20W hifi speaker with a 25W rated amp, I NEED to limit it.

Bonus: I also tried forcing output to mono and “master” has set to mono, but my stereo files tell me it’s still outputting stereo.

The idea of configurable volume range is very useful because many sound cards (USB but also I2S) don’t top at 0dB but at +3…+30 dB, therefore risking clipping. It is important to limit them.
Software volume is possible but not optimal because it reduces the sound quality on 16 bit DACs.

To be honest, right now I’ll take anything.

If the speaker is cranked up to 86 or over it’ll quickly burn out.