Config Volumio with no working Webb GUI

I have just started integrating my Volumio player in my environment.
Using RP 2, connected on LAN together via a NetGear NAS and a PC (running Vista).
In the WLAN part of the network there is a laptop (MS Windows 8.1) and a stationary PC (Windows 7 Prof.).
The router is a DLink DWR-923 (a quite modern router) communicating with the outside on 4G.

All 3 PCs can “see” the NAS on the network and files can be transferred normally).
The Win 8.1 and the Win 7 PCs can also see the Volumio as a device.
Sometimes also the Vista can see it.
I also can see Volumio using PING on some of the PCs.
They can also see directories shared by the Volumio.
From all machines, it is possible to activate the Volumio Web Server by pointing to it
using a fixed IP address (normally, not always).
Pointing to “volumio.local” is not successful.

The Volumio goes into some Nirvana when for example the Library shall be built/browsed.
It is then impossible to command it, the “System” and “Turn Off” selections in the menu can not be activated.
Sometimes the request is terminated by “Error Not found 404”.
I can see in the bottom left corner in the GUI that Volumio uses the proper IP addresses when accessing
the NAS.

It seems that the Volumio is locked up when it does not get a response.
There is no way breaking it, no multithreading ?
Of course, I want to have my device to operate properly in my network,
that is the whole idea withna networked player !
My browser is Chrome Version 44.0.2403.125 m.

Most of the time I am working from the Vista PC, is Vista an issue ?
I also tried to reflash the Raspberry, but the problem sustain.
FYI I successfully stream HD video from the above mentioned NAS to my BoxEEBox on WLAN.

Do I have to set up a Linux box and attach a debugger ?
Seems there is not much of a control/analysis possibility from Windows

Finally, thank you for providing the Volumio to the community !
Thanks :smiley:

You could try to connect via ssh using putty and see if the connection stays alive and check top to see if and what process is stuck.

I can imagine that you have a large collection stored on your Nas, it is possible that indexing takes long and to much process time. So making it look like the webui is broken