Config backup to/from client desktop

It would be helpful to have support for using the web interface to download a file containing a backup of the device configuration, for migration and recovery, and similarly for uploading such a file to restore configuration. Since devices increasingly occupy a small form factor, with WiFi the only means of configuration, a further useful mechanism would be one that allows placing a configuration backup on the persistent storage, just after the system image is installed, so that the device will acquire desired network settings upon first boot.

@brainchild there is a plugin under systemtools called backup and restore data

Yes, I am aware, but sending and receiving with a web client is a much more natural usage, and the essence of the request. Dumping a backup file into a remote music folder, or recovering from such a location, based on a request through the web interface, is awkward and inconvenient. The possibility to provision an image with a restored configuration is also helpful for the emerging use cases of very-small form-factor devices that depend exclusively on wireless connection through a wireless access point.

you could use ssh to put back or with winscp and i do it all wired from a pc
next to it i have images of my pi’s made by win32 disk imager …

Yes, it may be possible, but I feel that direct and straightforward support through the basic interface, that is, uploading and downloading a file through the web browser of a connected desktop system, would be a valuable enhancement.