complete audio system, what components ?


because i’m listening mainly to google music (i can try spotify too) and i have some sets on my disk (i can share them thru DLNA), and i moved to a new place, i need a new sound system.

I though about RaspberryPi + some DAC (which one is the best? :slight_smile: ) or somethink like, but what other components you can propose?
i though about Q Acoustics 2020i speakers (140£ and they have v.good reviews), what kind of Amp should i use? some basic Denon PMA520AE ? (140£) or maybe active speakers ?
but i heard that they are near-field - so they are good for putting them on a desk in front of you (they are good for direct listening). And i want to put my speakers in a room corners, just to fill room (5x5 meters) with a nice sound.

what components should i use?