Compatibility, rotary/infrared etc...ian canada isolatorPi and reclocker

question, I recently got an raspberry pi 4 an IsolatorPi II and a FifoPi Ma v1.5, works and sounds fantastic.

now I would like to connect a rotary encoder, infrared, mpd oled and an audiophonics power module to this, but I run into a problem.
via the gpio aux of the FifoPi Ma it doesn’t work (obviously not due to the isolatorPi II isolated side not passing it) via the gpio aux of the IsolatorPiII I can’t get to it, no space to connect plugs.

FifoPi Ma v1.5 sits on top of the isolatorPi II and as a result I have no access to gpio pins of the isolatorPi II.
and also don’t know if it will work with a raspberry pi GPIO header on the non isolator aux side in this configuration

what is the way to make these things work? because I can’t figure it out.

I also asked a question on the forum where Ian canda often answers, but unfortunately no response to this question yet, so I’ll try my luck here.

isolatorPi II

isolatorPi II non isolator aux

gpio FifoPi Ma v1.5 reclocker

got an answer back from ian Canada it should work with a gpio out trigger.

something like this.

parts received and everything now works as it should.