Compatibility of volumio for pi 4

May I know is volumio compatible with pi 4? I have tried several times to install it by either getting the os directly from volumio website or pinn lite but it won’t boot. Anyone can assist? Thank you in advance.

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I have rpi4 2gb and works ok .
Just flashed the image to micro SD and boot

I flashed the image on sd card using win32diskmanger but it did boot despite I waited for an hour. I also tried to install multiple oses from pinn lite, I can boot raspbian and libreelec but not volumio. Anybody can help? My hardwares are pi 4 8gb and 32g SanDisk extreme microSDHC card. Could it be the sd card?

Volumio is not currently working with RPI4 8Gb. A updated kernel is required. Coming soon…

Thank you do much for the prompt reply but will the ram will not affect the software?

Balbuze, will appreciate your help to notify me once the kernal is updated for 8gb. I bought pi 4 specifically for volumio. Heart sick for unable to install.

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Have spent 2 days trying to run it on my Pi4. Only just joined the help/support. Should have signed in earlier. I hope a solution soon. I look forward to trying it out

You can activate dev version in Volumio and update. A new kernel is used in it that should work with your RPI.

Hi ,
Are you referring to this one?


Or is there another way to update?

It works! Thanks! So looking forward to setting up the Pi4

Hi Balbaze,

I just noted that there is a new updated software in volumio official website, released on 16/7/2020.version 2.779. Shall I use that or 3.008 version mentioned above to boot? Your advice is highly appreciated.

@Desmond88 The new version 2.779 is still using the older kernel that is causing problems with RPi4s. The 3.008 version is a development version, which hopefully should address problems with RPi4s, but with it being a dev version, there may be other problems. Hopefully, it will not be too long until the development work is incorporated into the standard versions.

Hi Chsims1 n Balbaze ,
Thank you for the wonderful advice. I will give a a try next few days.