Compact 3D printed Raspberry Pi 3 Case with 3.5" LCD TFT Touch-screen

Just wanted to share my project I knocked up using a USB flash drive, a cheap Waveshare clone 3.5" TFT touch-screen and a Raspberry Pi 3B. Although I remixed the case to make it fit my needs, the initial work was done by someone else. It’s an audio-book player for my son and after tweaking the UI a bit to make it child/finger friendly it works brilliantly. It’s all made using pieces I already had lying around, so the only cost to me was some filament!

I’m currently using an x-mini mini speaker plugged into it as it’s just for audio-books, but I may end up building upon this to add a base with a little amp and speakers built into it.

I tried using Peppy at first, but it just did not work well and kept freezing and I’m really pleased I switched to Volumio.

There are loads of photos on my make on Thingiverse, so I thought I’d post the link rather than all the images here!


Thought I’d add that for the software tweaks I made: I changed
/volumio/html/www/styles/app*.css file to change all the my-volumio properties to display:none so it got rid of my username and premium links from the top, right. I also edited the sidebar.json golder to remove alarm, help and shop.

This meant that the popup menu bar doesn’t need scrolling now and shutting down is easy.

In the css I also edited the scroll-bar width to be 50px and the scroll-thumb to add the tag “min-height: 50px” so the scroll bar is always at least 50x50 and easy to use with a finger.

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