color me amazed

My Rasberry Pi showed up, today, and Volumio was the first thing I installed on it.

Commercial products don’t work this well.

I plugged in a Behringer UCA202 that I had sitting in a drawer, popped in the the card I had “dd” copied the Volumio install to, and connected the power supply. Within minutes I was up and running, playing music from my iPhone via AirPlay. It took quite while to scan my music library, since I do have a large one on a network share, but now it’s playing music directly, and it sounds GREAT!

I do occasionally get some minor pops at the beginning or end of songs. Most of the music I’m playing is in Apple Lossless format, so I guess I should just be happy it can even play that, right?

I’m really impressed at how easy the Volumio distribution is to install and use, and how well it works. Amazing work!