[collected] Wimp hifi

Wimp is available in non compressed quality in the scandinavian countries and I believe also in Germany. More countries will come. However, for streaming the only solutions that work now is LMS, Sonos and Bluesound. It will work also with Apples airstream.
For now I am using squeezeboxes, but if it could be possible one way or another to stream WIMP hifi, I would find it perfect. The easiest right now would be to give an option of a kind of squeeze player. I know that there are other linux solutions out there, but the volumio concept has the perfect focus on sound quality - and I believe that with the success Wimp has now I believe that it has a great future - much more interesting than spotify, that does not have this high quality solution.

Is there a way around here with Volumio?

maybe this might help you in the meantime until wimp is available @volumio.


Living in germany i listen mostly to WIMP in FLAC mode

This is how i joined my “daphile” LMS (daphile.com/#download)
But if you have already a LMS (Squeezebox server) running no need to setup an extra device.
The tweak mentioned above will make your volumio available for squeezebox playback…

I have the impression, according to my listening experience, there is nothing better than a volumio kernel and the squeezelite player.
The audio quality is incredible (Thanks to Michelangelos fantastic Volumio solution !)

my setup:
old atom PC, running daphile, streaming to squeezelite on volumio. Volumio output goes to an O2 Objective DAC and then through a LUA4545 tube amp to teufel Ultima 40 Mk2 speakers.

Since i have installed this solution i just can not stop listening to music :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I am waiting for my Raspberry to arrive, the HifiBerry card just came yesterday, and I am looking forward to check the quality. As you mention, for my own purpose it will be easy since I have an LMS server, however, I have a quite a number of friends that are looking for easy solutions, that would not imply a LMS server running. I have now checked a bit, and it seems that the problem lies with WIMP. However, maybe they might be convinced by the quality of this solution?

By the way I am amazed by the quality of airstream from an iPad. I had not expected some serious sound from this, but apparently the DAC is doing the difference here. It sounds very well, close to my squeezebox via a benchmark DAC 1 in direct comparison, and I find that quite amazing. This is a very easy way of using this device from Wimp in Hifi.

Yes, you are right, but who is using mainstream devices here ?
//irony off//

I’ve found this library (didn’t check), maybe it’s possible to integrate, has anybody experience?

+1 on sqzlite + volumio combo - I am of the same opinion.

Question on the PC config for daphile - Is it a fanless PC? Any links?