[collected] WiFi support, pre-setup .ini, auto resize SDcard

I suggest some features that found very useful in some rival packages:
support more Wifi dongle (mine TPlink need to load Wifi module)
pre setup via ini file
auto mounting the rest of SDcard to store some local music

  • WiFi drivers are, as far as i know, take from upstream sources. This means, if they have it, volumio has it.
  • Auto mount the rest of the SD card. Mabey there could be a script created for this, based on the guide in the FAQ, of cource triggered manually by the user.
  • Pre setup using an ini file. This could be a good idea, but setting this up could be a pain

Pre setup ini file is mostly to used with WiFi SSID+pass, once get connected through web-UI or SSH, that 's OK to set up others.

Having look at PiMusicbox or OpenElec, they implement above features really well.


I’ve got a wifi usb dongle (tp-link TL-WN725N) wich runs out of the box with a other system (still for Raspberry) and that I have to manually install in Volumio. :wink:

Hi @michelangelo


As you can see, this is collected. This means that it will be added when available. This first needs to be created and tested before implementation. Feel free to make a working script that does all this and share it so it can be added.