[collected] Web Radio - add other stations

The default selection is very nice but being able to manually add a stream would be great. Can this be done through the command line at the moment?


Log in Raspberry

ssh pi@IP_from_Raspy

Password: raspberry

cd /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

add stream (example):

sudo nano Hand_of_Doom_Radio.pls

Add these lines

[playlist] numberofentries=1 File1= Title1=Hand_of_Doom_Radio

maybe restart mpd over web ui

There is a way which does not require command line usage.
See here:


Please add NaimRadio


May I suggest an approach similiar to Tune In of vTuner?
You create an account on those services, create your favourite stations list via those web sites and, using the same credentials, the device then retrieves the station.
vTuner states explicitly that they offer API for embedded systems, TuneIn does not but it is used in various products, so I’m sure they have API too.

Just do it yourself: It is super easy! You already gave the link to the pls-file, just follow the instructions I linked above
( adding-a-webradio-fixed-t161.html )
It require not more than half a minute.

You can access the filesystem of the Volumio device by navigating to \[ip address of Volumio device] from My Computer window in Windows. Drop the “.pls” or “.m3u” files in the WebRadio folder.

I would highly appreciate if radio stations could be added through ui without need for shared folders or ssh’ing.

You can using sound@home App for Android…you can also organize them creating folders :wink:

Sorry to necro this thread but I cannot find the radio stations I added.
I went

cd /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

But that folder is empty even tho I added 5 stations through the web up.
The stations exist somewhere in volumio because they play fine.

How do I find them to save the list?

Try the file: