[collected] Volumio App

Is anyone a good enough coder to convert the web interface to an app? I tried with several app builder services but didn’t manage to get anything working.

Hi Twerp,

personnally i am perfectly fine with the existing apps. For example i’m using :

My preference goes to Mpod :wink:
Is there any reason why none of the existing MPD client app suffice to your needs ?


Or use:
play.google.com/store/apps/deta … home&hl=en

which is an app for Volumio, as shown here:

I use this, and it works fine. :slight_smile:

Cheers, but I’m not too keen on the look of that app. I use Mpdroid and it’s not bad. It would just be nice to change the Volumio settings as you can via the webpage

There are hundreds of apps which are working with MPD in the App Stores (Android, Apple, Windows).
Now with the new UPnP you have even more Apps you can use.

Changing the settings via the Browser is the simplest way and requires not a special app,and you can do it from a Android Phone or a Apple Phone the same way.