[collected] Two minor features I'd like to see

If there is a way to do this already please ignore (though pointing me to a referece would be helpful.)

Like to have a way to delete saved playlists.

Since the volume control doesn’t work with a DAC (hifiberry+ in my case), don’t show the volume cotrol if a DAC is in use. If this can’t be done/detected automatically, give an option in system settings so we can hide it. I made a minor change to the web page to accomplish this but any tweeks I make likely will be lost on the next update.

Thanks so much for Volumio!

FAQ: faq-and-the-answers-for-t1545.html

This can’t be done using the webui for now

You can set the volume control to software and it should always work.

As a (external) DAC user I do not want to use software volume because I would like the best signal feed into the DAC. For volume the amplifier volume is used.

It would be great if you could just hide the volume controle from the gui. Now it is there but cannot and should not be used…

So I am in favor of this feature/setting.

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