[collected] Spotify - Volumio player in Spotify device list

I’d also love to see this implemented! +100! :smiley:

I would love it too … with Spotify Connect Volumio would be absolutly perfect for me :exclamation: :smiley:

Yes! This would be great stuff! Love it! :smiley:

This is already done by balbuze and it works great!
Thanks balbuze, for that!
Just install the plugin from here and you are ready to go!

This works great! but there now a new version and zip file you have to use: https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/blob/master/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2/volspotconnect2.zip

Also made a video walk-tru just to show how simple it is https://youtu.be/UWW8VIjVfdw

Kudo’s to Balbuze!

Balbuze for president!!!


Thanks you but not sure I deserve it :wink:
But what I can say is that there is plenty improvement since the good video by megantonneke :

  • new librespot with native multi user ( the previous version used a workaround)
  • cache auto limited ( it won’t eats all your memory)
  • Default mode bitrate is 320kps
  • Support all arch volumio ( armv6, armv7, aarch64, x86) . In other word : rpi 0, rpi b, rpi b+, rpi 2, rpi3, sparky, odroid c2, pine64, and i686 ! ( and any device with this cpu’s)
  • Auto configuration : just enable the plugin, and that’s it !
  • Switch to enable / disable shared device. For example at office you don’t want your colleague on the same network access your spotify connect device. Just disable “shared device” and enter your credentials. You’ll be the only one !
    To test, download github.com/balbuze/volumio-plug … nnect2.zip on your disk.
    And install through the webUI.
    If something is wrong, just let me know ! :slight_smile:

Hi Balbuze - thanks as always for your hard work!

I’ve installed the latest version of Volspotconnect2 from Github.

Can you explain why I need to enter my credentials when “shared device” is disabled, but I don’t when it is enabled?

Also, I’ve noticed that Volspotconnect2 is significantly less reliable than the original version. The latest version regularly disappears from my “available devices” in the Spotify app on my Android phone. Version 1 was rock-solid and never disappeared. The reason I switched was for 320 kbps streaming.


Sorry for being an idiot…

is this different to the plug in available in volumio?

It’s better to ask once like an idiot, rather than asking nothing and staying as a idiot… (Not sure the translation is good… Anyway, there is no stupid question… Volspotconnect provide a way to get a Spotify connect device with volumio. But you need the official app to play music. The plugin proposed in volumio provides a complete player for Spotify, with playlist, search tool, album art… But you can’t remote it with the official app. You do it in volumio webUi