[collected] Run Scripts from GUI

It would be nice if user scripts could be run from the GUI

A user could place .sh files in a predetermined directory. The web UI would work like the “browse,playlist,play” convention, but instead “browse,runlist,run”. I would initially just want to use scripts to perform simple tasks such as set a series of variables and terminate.

A simple script-running facility might reduce the need to add many additional features, as a user could customize Volumio in a simple but reasonably elegant way.

I don’t see what kind of custom script you would like to run… can you give an example?

Let’s say you put a script somewhere and it’s displayed in the root “browse” view. What would it do for example? Like, playing a custom generated playlist? And the script would manage MPD interaction by itself?

That is a very good question.

This option would be more important in the future if more of the system setup was driven by variables defined in a user .profile. For instance, a future 10-12 band equalizer would be nice, with the boost/cut for each octave defined in a one-line script. I have also seen scripts described in this forum to do a variety of tasks, including building play lists. Such scripts would allow you to personalize a Volumio receiver for any user or room or speakers/headphones with just one click on the UI.

Now that I have alsaequal running on my 3 Volumio renderers, I can see a concrete use for a GUI initiated script.

My next Volumio project may be a portable unit… a kind of wireless boom box. For this project I can see the utility in having several equalizer contours for a variety of different locations. Alsaequal creates a file /var/lib/mpd/.alasequal.bin to save an equalizer configuration. It is easy to create and save a series of such files. While I could ssh in and manipulate these, it would be nice to do so by running a script from the GUI.

I have a MATRIX toslink switch for audio at home. Volumio is connected to this matrix switch (hifiberry digi) and I could send the audio anywhere in the house from the push of a button in the GUI. Right now, I have to use a separate application. All is needed is a simple script to send an RS232 command to the switch. I could also control the volume in each room separatly (rs232 again, with RS232-to-IR module)

The problem is i’m a software engineer with limited knowledge of Web development. Give me a hook in linux and I’ll build the rest :wink: