[collected] Reset the Volume at start


I use the Volumio player on my Pi

Can I reset the volume when you restart, let’s say 80 percent?

If the Pi running example, I increase the volume to 100 percent, the next start but the volume to 80 percent will automatically be reset.

Do you actually restart it?? mine runs for days without issues.

You can write a script that controls alsa-mixer and is executed on startup.

How then is the code for the ALSA mixer?

Upon startup, the volume is automatically adjusted to 80 percent.


I don’t really understand your last post but for me it would be a nice feature if in the audio setup page there is a volume on startup setting and I can save it.

I have no phisical acces to the amplifier and i have to control the volume from Volumio, if it starts by default at 100% neighbours will get angry at 6 AM.


try this, i hope it helps

why do not use "mpc volume 80 " (or 50% or what ever you want) in /etc/rc.local at start?

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

The following commands at the end of the rc.local could help:

sudo mpc volume 80 &


It looks a really ugly solution… play silence… :slight_smile: but thanks for your suggestion.

I think it will be better to have an initial volume setting in the audio setup page of volumio and make it work correctly.

The mpc volume set didn’t work well for me in my first test, I have no idea why because I was able to set the volume in ssh and see it reflected in the volumio web but once I hit play it start 100% (still showing 65%) and it took a bit to let me set it to 65% by clicking or ssh
once it was playing I was able to modify volume from ssh, but no idea why it overrides the setting when pushed play.


yes i agree on the ugly part

it was found via trial and error as i realized that adjusting the volume before playing anything has no effect on the volume level
i.e. something must be played, then the volume adjustment will take effect…