[collected] Rdio, master list of streaming stations, CD, FM

Congratulations on Volumio – I had a chance to play around with it this weekend (using a borrowed Raspberry Pi and a cheap Behringer USB DAC) and it worked great. Some issues with album titles being displayed incorrectly but the sound quality was excellent.

Here are a few feature suggestions:

  1. Support for streaming services, as others have mentioned. Spotify is very popular. My personal preference is Rdio, which is available here in Canada (Spotify is off-limits for Canadians).
  2. Some way to automatically update a master list of web radio stations. I use Logitech Squeezebox and this is a great feature on that platform. It would be great if there is a central source from which Volumio can automatically download a really large list of web radio stations, from which the user can then choose favourites.
  3. Support for external CD players. Some of us dinosaurs still use CDs. It would be nice to hook up an external (USB) CD or DVD drive to the Pi and be able to play an audio CD through Volumio.
  4. Support for external radio. This may be a stretch. One can buy (for a very low price) cheap USB TV-tuner cards that can be used as software-defined radios. (“RTL-SDR” is the name of the project.) These easily pick up FM radio as well as police frequencies and satellites (for those who are interested) and I know people have got them working with Raspberry Pi. Would be really neat to be able to plug in this dongle and get FM radio, maybe even DAB radio for those countries that have it, over the Raspberry Pi.

ad point 2.
michelangelo: what about one github repo for radios?

I’m attach to the post - playing from connected CD-ROM/DVD via USB would an usefull feature for Volumio.