[collected] More info in webGUI

In the webGUI I would like to see more (and accurate!) information on the file type (MP3, ALACRITY, FLAC, etc), the bitrate (which is now often not accurate) and sample frequency (also often not accurate, especially with high sample rates).

Would really love to see two things -

Album art used throughout the UI, particularly the playback screens - though small thumbs in browse and library navigation might be nice!

And, would be very helpful to see the file format (FLAC/MP3/AAC etc), plus the audio sampling rate and bit rate everywhere (i.e. 96k, 24-bit or whatever it is) - in the main playback page, but also in the browse, playlist, and library list views. Anywhere you’re looking at individual files, the technical detail about them should be visible.

+1 for both the features :slight_smile:

Album art is already requested multiple times, I’ve seen different posters that started creating some sort of album art display in the browser as far as i know nothing has been completed, not yet. This is also in the collection list.

What would file format details add to the volumio experience? to see the file format (FLAC/MP3/AAC etc) The rates are shown when the song is being played. If this would be added to the browse page i bet browsing would take longer and i bet loading the database takes longer. In the library view this would be pretty useless because of information overload. If you have a managed collection you’ll just have to make sure you got the good quality versions and ditch the bad quality versions.


Point taken for the file formats and bit rates in the library. I’d happily strip back my request to the playback screen. This is not shown in all cases.


Yep, that and also track number in the album (and album total tracks if available).
Ex: Track 2 / 13