[collected] managing big libraries and long text

I read about the limit of managing db’s of more than 10.000 items. Big problem. I think it should be a priority to resolve! :wink:
In addiction the displaying of large text in library in a tablet Android is mixed with the down line. Unaesthetic for a layout so clean…

Is there a limit of 10k songs in the library???

Cecco this problem appears only on the library tab on Volumio 1.4. It doesn’t affect Volumio’s db, you can read all your music…

Hi Cecco,

if you want a resolution to the library display issue you reported, you can try this fix : http://volumio.org/forum/layout-issue-t1428.html
It should allow you to use the library again waiting for a fix in the next release :wink:

Ok, Michelangelo, thanks.
Anyway I succed into listening music only for few minutes if I read my files from my UPNP Stora, then in the browse tab appears “Updating” e the Cubox-i 2ex seems to be crashed (it can’t be reached by a ping anymore…).
This doesn’t happen when I listen to the webradio.
I open a new topic about this problem.


I didn’t read this solution, thanks.
I can wait for the next release, for sure.
Anyway i would try the fix but i’m a beginner, can you give more details about the way to proceed?


Hi Cecco and Michelangelo,

I agree with Cecco that the 10k limit should be a priority to resolve.
The library is a significant functionality or not?

Michelangelo is right I can play all my 28’000 mp3 but without the library I can not search nor scroll through and play a particular part.

Would be great to get a fix in a next release!

Thanks a lot.


My library is > 400k Songs. By now only gmsusicbrowser is able to handle such a library.

Volumio is for music lovers - therefor i really would love to see support for very huge libraries.

But maybe it’s the raspberry pi and not volumio which is the limiting factor …