[collected] Library feature: option to disable feature

I find it not very useful, since my library is already organized by author, so I would prefer to reduce the load on the R-Pi.

Agree, this tab adds a considerable load on PI. I’m already working on that. I’ll let you know when you can update the WebUI and test it.
What do you think as of now of 1.4?

Well, I was even able to have the SMB share from the GUI! it’s very good news. Have you seen my configuration script? I have another thread for it.

I strongly suggest to put “ro,noatime” as standard advanced options (not as suggestion in the text field, really as active preset options in the text field) because access times are not needed usually and because setting read/only should be standard, given Volumio does not need to touch the audio files in any way. This is for SMB only, I have no idea about NFS.
Moreover, above the text field for the advanced options, place the string: “In case of connection problems, try appending “,sec=ntlmv2” to the advanced options”. This will help because some SMB/CIFS servers use ntlm, others (my OmniOS/illumos for example) use ntlmv2 (as they should, nowadays) and the automatic switching is not working all the time.
Also, above the share name, I would place the string “In case of connection options, try using a lowercase share name”

I think this modifications to the SMB page and options will solve most of the SMB connection issues people are experiencing

Also, I don’t know if it depends on the library feature or what, but when I go to browse my share and I see “NAS” and “WebRadio”, clicking on either of them takes ages to actually show the content. It was immediate on 1.2. Once I get into the “NAS” folder, however, browsing is fine.
Let me know if I can help and provide you with some debug information: the library may be slow but as long as you don’t use it… it’s ok. This issue with browsing the shares is however worse, it should be simply reading the directory structure…

Guess the library .js is loaded also in other tabs, and it slows down it entirelly. I’m already working on that, to make it a more resource-saving feature…
If you can use the console, you can check which are the page components that require max processing power… (woke up now, that’s why I talk like that lol)