[collected] Lets go to the next Level!!

First off……Nice work guys!! Here are a few ideas I’m sure you’ve probably already heard……

  1. Multiroom/Multizone (wifi) with automatic detection of new units coming online and location grouping capabilities.
  2. Playlist support with Drag-and-Drop capabilities
  3. Spotify, Pandora, Songza, RDIO……Love these moving forward, nice work already….Content is KIng!!
  4. Better fault tolerance for mapped drives/usb AND most importantly bad radio channels causing UI not to load!!
  5. …….As I am writing this, mIssing PANDORA desperately. Any chance of official Pandora API? Something integrated natively and not streamed from the client side.
  6. Album Wall
  7. Multi Streaming - Any way to come up with a solution that is based on the server side and not client side? Like a hub and spoke type framework. I have even been looking at hardware solutions for this……



Just some thoughts.
Please let me know what I can do to move the ball forward


I like the idea of integrating with online music communities and I specifically want Songza, Soundcloud, and Grooveshark.

Too bad no replies from Mods…is this a black-hole forum?

A lot of the functionality you describe is available in the open-source Squeezebox Server codebase.


Perhaps a good place to start???

There’s also PiMusicBox:



  • Standalone Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud music player based on Mopidy
  • Remote control it with a nice browser-interface, or with an MPD-client
  • Web Radio
  • AirTunes/AirPlay streaming
  • No need for tinkering, no need to use the Linux commandline
  • Last.FM scrobbling.
  • USB Audio support (supporting all kinds of USB soundcards, speakers, headphones).
  • Wifi support (WPA, if the Pi-kernel supports your wifi-adapter)
  • i2s support (HifiBerry)
  • Play music files from the SD, USB, Network.[/list]
  • See more at: woutervanwijk.nl/pimusicbox/ … Y221k.dpuf