[collected] integration for qobuz streaming

Hello all

Nice job…raspyfi continues :smiley:
It would be nice to hear qobuz on volumio as on xbmc.

Tahts the reason why i have not yet install volumio on my systme high end :unamused:

Tks MatPhi

The huge advantage of Qobuz is that you can stream LOSSLESS. Suits audiophile solution better than compressed like e.g. spotify.

It is done on xbmc as well:

Yes, I’m pretty excited about the possibility of Qobuz on Volumio as well. I can’t help to develop this, however, until the service becomes available in the US.

I’ve heard that sometimes they make exceptions for non-French users… any ideas? :unamused:

I don’t know if they check the country of the credit card or paypal account used to pay for the subscription but if they don’t then you only need to create an account using a French IP adress. I am in Luxembourg and we also have access to Qobuz (buying and streaming) and I can create a (French) account for you and enable the 30 days trial so you can try and see if it accepts your payment.

They have a very nice and clear API for people who wish to develop an app to support Qobuz streaming on any device. They are pretty lax about what is possible because from what I read, when you get your developer id (that you have to request to their support), you could theoretically download any songs you want from the streaming service in either MP3 320 or FLAC…
Of course with great power comes great responsibility and it would be sad to see anyone abusing these possibilities…

any news on this? is there a chance to see an integration?
i currently think about using either wimp or qobuz and it would be a charm to have a good volumio integration!

Thanks & best,

I read about a service called Ickstream which offers an open source API to play music from Deezer, Qobuz, Soundcloud, and Tidal, among others. It is conducting an open beta right now on Squeezebox devices, but they leave open the possibility of running it on other devices:

I’m wondering if they might let us use parts of their API in Volumio… :wink: I’m looking into this.

I totally agree, it will be great !!!

It will be a great addon to the project.
I’m looking to build a HiFi only media player with a Rasberry Pi 2 and an Aune S16 to read my local music but also to listen to web radio and Qobuz streaming !
They are now streaming 24 bit music !
The best way to discover new artists !

Thanks for this project !

Is there any news regarding integration of Qobuz and/or Tidal? I’m aiming to build a high-end audio streamer with Raspberry Pi / Volumio, but I obviously need to be able to play hi-res files from Qobuz/Tidal, thanks.

The focus at the moment is getting Volumio 2 out of the door.

Music services like Qobuz and Tidal will make excellent plugins in the future. If anyone wants to start working on a plugin then checkout the Spotify plugin as a starting point; github.com/volumio/volumio-plug … ce/spotify

Ok I understand, thanks.

Thank you very much for the great distribution!
I think Qobuz is an ideal solution for streaming and purchase Flac files.
I love Qobuz, unfortunately I can so far only use my PiCorePlayer / Squeezebox.
I hope that Volumio is an alternative soon.