[collected] how about 5.1 LPCM?

How about add support for multichannel flac playback?

I’ve tried playing some 6 channel 24/96Khz flac files via hdmi to av receiver, there’re downmix to 2 channels, but OpenELEC can play same files that output 6 channel LPCM at 24/96Khz, so it is not the hardware limit.

Just found that OpenELEC ( and maybe raspbmc ) does not use ALSA at all. It use AudioEngine which has a Pi Sink for RPi.

Does ALSA on RPi support multichannel? how to config? ( I noticed that volume 1.4.1 did not use /etc/asound.conf )

Did you ever find an answer to this? As I have ideas of trying the same.