[collected] Browsing stops workingafter removing volume knob

I’m with Volumio since 1.3 and just upgraded to 1.5.1.

As I use the Hifiberry DAC no hardware volume control is possible. So I usually remove the volume knob after the initial installation. (in /var/www/templates/indexpl.html) Until 1.4 this worked fine for me.

On 1.5.1: When I remove the line

<input class="volumeknob" id="volume" ...>

browsing on the Browse Tab stops working. A click on NAS or WEBRADIO - no highlight, nothing.

It does not make any sense to me yet. Do you have an idea?

For future versions: Would it be possible to enable/disable the volume knob?

Thanks a lot in advance

This has something to do with Spotify service… We should rework it…

Removing some DOM content may always result in breaking javascript, I don’t know if it is what happens here, but if you want to try a safest way, would be to hide the element : style=“visibility:hidden”

Thanks for the quick reply. Works great!