[collected] bluetooth support

Hi guys, thanks for your fantastic application. I’m using it on a Raspberry and it works great. It would be great, if you could add support for bluetooth in order to connect wireless speaker systems to the raspberry.

I was giftet with a wireless Bluetooth head set for Christmas :smiley: and therefor also be very happy for Bluetooth support :slight_smile:



I really would like this including pulseaudio support



since volumio 2 has been released. Are there any updates about this interesting feature?
Thank you

Back in 2013/2014 Bluetooth support didn’t add enough to make it worth while for all the development hours. Now since the raspberry pi 3 has Bluetooth built-in there could be a focus on just that driver and then a selection of adapters along the way makes t development more efficient.

But volumio is all about great quality audio and Bluetooth isn’t all that great for audio… These day’s almost every one has a Bluetooth speaker to take with them and people are used to using that. The biggest challenge could be deciding whether to make volumio a client or a hos.

I partially agree with this. Standard bluetooth has very poor quality whereas bluetooth with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AptX has high quality.

Isn`t it possible to receive music via Bluetooth and play audio to a wireless speaker or Headset?

For me Volumio as Bluetooth receiver would be more important.

And if somebody doesn`t like the audio quality then he should use the other already existing methodes,…