[collected] A couple of minor issues I've found so far...


I’ve been using Volumio with the R-Pi now for about 3 weeks now (almost every day), it’s been great so far, very pleased :wink:
In the spirit of improved future releases, I’d just like to say what I don’t like so far…

The Pnotify plugin: I work with web development myself so I know this is a great JQuery plugin. However due to the page design it almost completely covers the drop-down menu on the web interface. I only use the web interface since it works on every device, and it means I don’t need to load-up an app. On a small screen (smart-phone), the little close ‘x’ on the Pnotify plugin is so tiny I can’t press it, so I have to wait for it to disappear, while this only takes a few seconds, it is somewhat frustrating.

Auto-play: This has only happened once or twice, but since I have the player linked to an always-on amplifier for the bathroom speakers, the fact that the player automatically plays whatever it was playing after a re-boot, is… a little worrying. If I plug-in a USB pendrive, 50% of the time the player will reboot. I would really rather be able to disable the auto-play so I know it’s not going to blast-out music after compiling my playlist at 1AM.

Can I also point-out (I’m sure you’re aware of this), the volume control is horribly non-linear. I only use the built-in DAC for the bathroom speakers, but I do need the volume control since the amplifier is hidden-away inside a cupboard, I find myself adjusting it between 80-100%, any lower and it’s completely inaudible. While this isn’t a major problem, it could use some tweaking. :unamused:

Anyway looking forward to the next release :slight_smile: