[Closed] Introducing Volumio 2

Thanks for the delay info… we all are awaiting"IT" !!

I am happy to test if someone can provide me an image for my Banana Pro.

I got a brand new, shiny SD card ready to be populated with the Two :wink:

Well I focused on btrfs because you mentioned it as one of the options… :slight_smile:
Moreover, I checked here: btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php … un_2012.29 and kernel 3.18 is already very fine for it (which devices cannot be updated?).
In case you change your mind, this is a step by step to convert ext4 images to btrfs on R-Pi, usable also on other platforms:
raspberrypi.org/forums/view … 9&t=104108

That said, let’s try SquasFS.

Still, may I very warmly ask to add a fixed delay (in the rc shutdown scripts) between final unmounting of the filesystems and actual power off? SD cards may need some seconds, the ones that do wear leveling by themselves, and they do not report any “ready” or “completed” status. If you power down quickly… problems may arise.

I think 5-10 seconds are enough (and should not bring any additional issue).
I think you have to edit the rc0.d (runlevel 0, shutdown) init files in /etc with a “sleep” command somewhere.
unix.stackexchange.com/questions … ies-in-etc

On SD-card you are only store the settings of Volumio, why not just sync it with some colud serivces and the problem is solved if the SD-card failes?

Why not avoiding the SD card to fail in the first place. Everything else can be done anyway.

Absolutely agree…
But, we have the squashfs images written on a ext4 partition (with no journaling), do you think that this would not be sufficient to avoid corruption?

I would say lets try it. Even though changes to the file system would require re-flashing the SD cards it some thing most people can live with. If Volumio 2 is out in the open there will always be people who would’ve rather seen an different file-system, but then they can try and see if there is one that works better than the original delivered version. After that and some hard numbers the change should be possible via a new image

Yes, let’s try and see. I may try myself to convert to btrfs and provide a guide later on.

Only, why disabling journaling on ext4? Volumio is not a write-intensive server, journaling would not reduce performances but only give additional integrity checks.

I think I read on stackoverflow the journaling writes a lot of data and therefore is not good for sd-cards, because they may get destortyed. But I have no evidence

raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/qu … ng-enabled
Right, I see. It implicitly confirms that wear leveling is not performed by all cards (otherwise the sector with the journal would not wear out before the rest of the card).

Any new status for the beta? or is there any precompiled images from github?

I want to know too… I m stressed

I always saw that to prevent SD Card wear journaling should be disabled… But I admit I also have no evidence to support that.
For the image, a bit of patience more… All the pieces are coming together…


Volumio2 sounds great!

Will it be possible to upgrade a running Volumio installation to the final version of Volumio2?

Actually I am running my version (1.5) on Cubietruck together with other services (Cups, etc.).

Info: The DEV of Volumio is functional on my Installation on Cubietruck.

Best regards,


Could you be bothered to update the “Development tasks and milestones” list from github?

My last post was to confirm what you said :slight_smile:
It is indeed better, on SD cards, to avoid journaling.

Make a script to configure your installation as you need, so that you can easily reconfigure any clean install to what you need.

So we’re good on this one!

Yes, I’ll do… But really that unfortunately gets a low priority on my scale… I’m so eager to see Volumio2 running that I’m putting every moment I have into coding… :smiley: