[Closed] Introducing Volumio 2

Nice :slight_smile:

That is opening doors for much more possibilities outside the nice small platforms.

Now I can start trying to use platforms that have good USB support and speed to work with USB DAC’s.

Nice to hear about this big step :slight_smile:

Which will be the initially supported platforms?
Will CuBox (orignal one [armada5xx]) be supported?

This is seriously great news! Please do also integrate as many streaming services as you can. I’ve just read news, that streaming is growing very fast, and it is convenient. I would love to see Tidal and Qobuz supported from volumio 2. Why not get in touch with them?

YES ! thank you for your service

cant wait for the release


Please make every effort for Volumio 2 to run perfectly on 256MB Raspberry Pis.

I’d love to see Volumio architected in a way that allows us to use the Famo.us for the UI. Actually their BEST framework would be great also but is currently in Alpha so that might be a no go.

Anyways have a look here.

old demo here http://periodic.famo.us/
current site here http://famous.org/
Lots more links https://hackpad.com/ep/pad/static/kPsHMaDFboE

This would allow us to leap frog all current web based UIs and even match native.


These guys love Node.js also and CEO Steve Newcombe just joined the Node Foundation as a director.

blog.famous.org/famous-industri … oundation/

Looks amazing. Having album cover art displayed like this would really make Volumio stand out from the crowd.

And totally useless, Volumio is not for teenagers of the '90s that just discovered OpenGL.


Lag-na, please be a bit more “soft”… Especially with people that don’t know you so well… Come on…

Anyway, thanks everyone for the cheering and the suggestions!
We are of course willing to include lot of new function, but obviously we’re starting from the basis (as we’re rebuilding everything from scratch.
A quick update of what we’re doing this week:

  • New WebUi is taking shape. It will mirror initially the look of the “classic” Volumio UI, and it will be customized in the future (also with a templating system). The nice thing about the new UI is that is soooo lightweight, and it’s being made using components that can be arranged in different way. For example: the volume control is a single html element with its own behaviour and css, and so is every other component… This will allow to have different variations of the UI according of what someone wants…

  • Working on the configuration system, to be easier, faster and generally less error prone.

  • Plugin system: we want a way for everyone to write their plugin for volumio, and make install and discovery of such plugins an easy task… So, if your favourite streaming service will not be supported, you can make it !

  • Definining transparent APIs, both with WebSockets and REST. To allow easy development of companion apps and integrations

Our effort maybe now is more developer-appealing as of now , and some of you may not see a real deal in this, but trust us, you’ll see the benefit of such choices (at least this is what I hope) .
IF you want to see what’s going on, check the repo at github.com/volumio/Volumio2
or have a look at the wiki:

Any feedback, suggestion, help is welcome!

Will the plugin system support manipulating the audio for room corection?

That’s a good question… We are creating just a system that allows every developer to write what he wants. So we need to predict all the requirements…
I invite everyone to suggest a possible plugin, so we can take every option into consideration…

Great work, team Volumio!

Please try to get the Milkdrop plugin in there as a display somewhere! I AM a teenager of the 90s…or was rather…and a product of long hours on Winamp, and I would love it if I could see those amazing visualizations again.

Looking forward to this release, particularly if PulseAudio support is included in MPD (this thread on such a topic is marked as [SOLVED]).

It would be nice if SoundCloud support is available, but if we’re able to write our own plugins then we should be able to write our own if its not included in the release.

Great work, thanks for all the effort.

Any idea of a timeline for releases other than using the development source to build our own?

does the VMWare Virtual Machine updated with the latest alpha ? Alpha4 (2015-02-08)

i cant reach to the web ui on port 3000


Dear Folks,
the silence you’re getting from me and the devs means that we’re fully committed on developing. And I’m extremely pleased to say that release date is approaching.
We’ve implemented some terrific features in Volumio2, and I can easily say that it will outperform 1.55 in many many ways. We are putting state of the art technology in every line of Volumio2, so a bit of patience and you’ll get it really soon.
Also, there are other great news coming…
See you soon!

Good news!
can’t wait :smiley:


goooood !