[Closed] Introducing Volumio 2

Read the blog post, and check out the repo!

I’ll collect here some of the threads which discuss Volumio2 specifics:

Remember - Volumio 2 is currently in Alpha state, and lots of features are still being built and changed. We will update you as we go!

Great news.

I think the answer will be no, but will this be updatable from 1.55 through an installed instance of Volumio?

Unfortunately no… Like apples and oranges…

Yay! When it’s ready…


Are we going to see a “cookbook” sort of installation guide for developers, helping us to port Volumio to other platforms?

There is already a build script, so with few edits it can be ported to every platform. See the readme in the repo

hurry up :wink:

This is really exciting news, the future looks bright !

Thanks a lot to the whole core team for this herculean effort - you guys rock.

It sure will take time to get the new system in a reliable state, but in the meantime we can continue listening & enjoying music with our 1.55 systems.



I tried the latest alpha2 image file on a raspberry Pi B+

But I can’t connect to the web-interface. Any tips that would resolve this problem.

noticed this error:

volumio@volumio:~$ sudo -s
sudo: unable to resolve host volumio

with git clone I get

root@volumio:~# git clone github.com/volumio/Volumio2.git /volumio/
Cloning into ‘/volumio’…
fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/volumio/Volumio2.git/’: server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none

So i disabled the ssl verification and now it did work but after I ran this command npm install I get


there is no usable webUI in this alpha version. This is a early version and unless you want to developpe new functionalities or because you are curious, you’ ll do nothing with it…
I copied / pasted your git command and it works perfectly on my system.

Hi Promo, Balbuze is correct - this is not yet a fully functional player. Looks like you also need to set your system clock - it might be set to some time in the past.

Nothing to add - just a tag.

This is exciting to hear.

that’s sound exciting !
by the way, are you planning to display cover image from tag id3 of the mp3/flac file ?

So great ! I was waiting for this kind of update :smiley:

Yes, we will most certainly be using cover images in the new system!

Ok, just a quick feedback re. script firstconfig.sh:

tar xvf /spop.tar.gz rm /spop.tar.gz
should be

tar xvf ./spop.tar.gz rm ./spop.tar.gz
(I think)

and also: building mpd-0.19.7 fails because ‘dh_make’ is missing in that script.
(hope this helps)

Thank you for the feedback, currently we do get an already compiled MPD, in the future it will be compiled on every build…
If you want you can contribute direclty on the repo via pull requests

There’s a surprise in the build repository, for those who can spot it… :wink:

Hum… Even if I saw the last commit, I (simple tester) don’t find the “surprise”… :frowning: .more precision will be helpful. :wink:

Here’s a clue :wink:

github.com/volumio/Build/commit … 383d97cbd9

Look at what’s been added…