Clock display on UI?

I’ve got a touchscreen display for use with my Pi3/HiFiBerry setup, and I’d love to be able to add the date and time to the display. It would be perfect if we could toggle it on and off, but just the time somewhere would be wonderful.

I understand that it’s redundant using the system from a browser, but with a standalone install it would be really nice.

Any thoughts?


I would prefer a screensaver with a clock

It would also be fine in case the player is idle for some period of time to show something
This could be the place for plugins like:

  • clock
  • weather
  • stocks
  • … you name it …

Maybe one or more at the same time …

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+1 for clock.
I would like to have timezone setup also…

and maybe a plugin for 7" display to be a picture frame as screensavers

+1 for the clock as screensaver while playing or idle

otherwise great work, came back to volumio afterstrugling with max2play for a year

Another +1 for a clock display

and Another +1 for a clock display :smiley:

+1 for clock, and weather

+1 for clock display

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Any movement on this? I’ve just built a touchscreen volumio player and would love a clock screensaver or at least a clock in the UI.

+1 for clock display

-1 :wink:
We are surrounded by clocks :blush:
We need time to ear music … not clock :laughing:

I also like to see a clock on my volumio display.
Since there is no progress here i started my own project based on GitHub - alexanderk23/gluqlo: Gluqlo: Fliqlo for Linux clock.
The clock is basically working, but i need more time to fix some things.
Work in progress… but don’t expect too much. :wink:

I think v1.0 (Alpha) is ready for testing. :sunglasses:
It is simple and maybe ugly, but it works.
There is a Bug left but i don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes the clock does not draw correct. :man_shrugging:
This version is for Raspberry only.
Install instructions:

  1. Extract the files from to /tmp on the raspberry
  2. Log in to console and switch to root (sudo su)
  3. Run the install script: /tmp/ i
  4. To uninstall run: /tmp/ u

Settings (time, brightness etc.) can be changed by editing “”.

Raspberry 4 Volumio 3.x but the Screen remains dark. Any hints how to enable your Screensaver?

Hello Klaus, have you enabled the display plugin? What for a display is in use (i have the original 7" touch screen).

Yes, the display is running well but the clock is not seen. I have also the original 7" touch screen.

Yes you are right, there seems to be a problem.
Edit: Problem found, there are missing librarys. Please try the following:

  1. Login to console
  2. Run this command to install the librarys “sudo apt install libsdl1.2debian libsdl-ttf2.0-0 libsdl-gfx1.2-5”
  3. reboot and see if it works.
    If it works i will create v1.1 :sunglasses:

Sorry, the installation description on github is not complete. For a raspberry installation this doesnt work because some steps are missing. e.g. after download and unpacking of i do make and install, but the command gluglo is not found. the describes something with installation of screensaver, but i dont know how.

Not all Volumio users are programmers and knows everything about installation of programs, so it would be a good idea to deliver a complete installation guide for all platforms. thx

bash-5.0# /tmp/ i
Installing ScreenSaver…
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/opt/vs’: File exists
strip: ‘gluqlo’: No such file
install: cannot stat ‘gluqlo’: No such file or directory
install: cannot stat ‘’: No such file or directory
install: cannot stat ‘vs.service’: No such file or directory
install: cannot stat ‘LICENSE’: No such file or directory
install: cannot stat ‘gluqlo.ttf’: No such file or directory
chmod: cannot access ‘/opt/vs/’: No such file or directory
Failed to enable unit: Unit file vs.service does not exist.
bash-5.0# Failed to start vs.service: Unit vs.service not found.

but they are in place… in /tmp/

do we need root? how do we get it ?
volumio3 doesn’t allow root access
rights set to:777