Click/pop sound when manually changing songs in volumio

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.799
Hardware: Raspberry PI 2B
DAC: HIfiBerry DAC+.

It started apparently after i installed the DAC+ a few days ago … any hints out there ??

have you tried to increase audio buffer size and/or set buffering before playback to higher than 10%?

this helped me with a hifiberry dac+ adc pro in the past with click/pop sounds when seeking in a song.


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yes … but still popping :frowning:

There have been a lot of issues with the HiFiBerry devices recently.
Update your Volumio to the latest version 2.806, disable the DAC, restart, enable the DAC, restart.
Test to see if the problem is fixed.

hi & thank you, your attention is appreciated.
The “2.806 update, disable the DAC, restart, enable the DAC, restart” did not solve the issue though.
However it seems like the popping sound has minimized, but not disappeared. br
PS: I use the Buffer settings 4MB/20%

Just tested around a bit and noticed I still have click/pop sounds when seeking in songs, but only using the mp3-format, it does not happen using flac-, ogg- or pcm-wave-format. I’m using mostly flac, so it hasen’t come to my attention recently.


hi, interesting, but I don’t see that pattern … both are popping, flac’s and mp3’s they love it :slight_smile:

I have my mp3’s on a NAS. I

tested with an USB attached to the Raspberry/Volumio … unfortunately same click/popping issue.

Strange to have a quality music system that actually creates noise …

Anybody out there … any thoughts or is the advice to swap to another solution ?

Perhaps the DAC is faulty. I’d be contacting HiFiBerry and asking for their help in troubleshooting the problem.

The DAC is ok … I tested Mood and Runeaudio yesterday on the same PI/Berry DAC box … and surprise, no click/pops at all, so the issue is narrowed down to Volumio.
I will try with a fresh Volumio image flash … if that doesn’t help I’ll go with Mood or Rune instead.

Hi, please see the answer below from HifiBerry … and the answer makes sense /

Question to this Forum:
Does Volumio “mute between tracks” ref HifiBerry ?

best regards ervin

"Aug 18, 2020, 7:35 AM GMT+2

Unfortunately I can’t say what might be the problem here. However, in general, if you switch within a song and the system doesn’t mute the output first, that’s something that’s expected. I don’t know if Volumio does do some muting when switching tracks.

Best regards,
The HifiBerry Team"

I also happen or me with Audiophonics DAC es9038. I did increase the buffer size in % and MB. No change.
It is not all songs. More boomy songs create more “pop” and inside songs scrolling, there are no issues.

I also have this issue with hifiberry digi+ pro and receiving device is helix dsp.3, which I cannot test via usb since it’s not supported it seems. None of the other devices i have used as source will make any pops or clicks.

If i have songs on queue and select other songs from there most of time there is no pop/click sound. But using prev/next it’s there almost always.

Also it seems to make some difference is the source some streaming service or local files in usb memory.