CLI login

Hello… I’m very new to the world of Pi and haven’t learned quite how to navigate the command line interface yet. I’ve just assembled a Raspberry Pi 3 with a touchscreen display. I installed Raspbian and setup the WiFi, then flashed Volumio as well. On startup, the touchscreen asks me login/password. I entered volumio/volumio and it seemed to work.

I’m now faced with a prompt that says


Not sure if I’ve screwed up the install somehow, or if there are additional steps… Or just how to navigate back to the Raspbian desktop.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Volumio does not really have a interface on the actual Pi, from another machine, log into the IP address of the Pi from your web browser. Volumio is basically the server that plays the music, you access it from a number of other devices. That way Volumio can concentrate on playing your music as best it can and not bother with all the other stuff that could use up resources.

There is a plugin to add a display using the official Pi touch screen but I don’t use it that way.

Sorry I should have also said, you can control Volumio from the CLI… … ine_Client

Yes… The plugin is what I’m trying to access, because I am using the touchscreen display. I’m working with this tutorial: … ic-player/

Basically, I’d like to get to the point where I’m back at the gui and I can actually install said plugins, but I’m stuck at the command line for Volumio. I’m trying to use this project to have a stand-alone touch screen unit to play a single audio file as a part of an art installation.

alright… i think i have it figured out. I need to turn the plugins on from the webui after i’ve connected the pi to the network, then it can run from the touchscreen after a reboot.

Thanks for the help!

Volumio’s GUI is browser based … many people’s systems don’t even have a monitor attached to the Volumio device. Have a read of the Quick Start Guide (see signature for link) to get a working setup, and then you can sort out the monitor as described in your link.

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