Classical Music Streaming and Volumio

Does Volumio work with Idagio or Primephonic? If so which ones(s)?

man, I see you again on another thread !

I’ve never heard of Idagio before, which looks fine with good collection,
much better than Tidal or Deezer as far as classical music is concerned.

Thanks for the new info

ps. Impressive that they have all of Cambreling’s and Marcus Bosch’s Bruckner
performances, which I never found on other streaming services !!

Any further info about compatibility with idagio. This would be crucial to my decision. I think blueOS supports idagio.


I’m also keen to learn whether volumio can integrate native idagio. So far i had to use iPhone to navigate on the idagio website and transfer music via airplay to my Rpi/volumio player. Not sure whether switching to Bluesound Node 2i that can stream idagio directly will make any improvements in sound.