Class D TPA3116

The TPA3116 amplifiers are attracting quite a following, as this thread … ht=tpa3116 will evidence.

There are a number of boards to choose from, of which I have chosen two, and put them together quite successfully. I am currently using passive preamplifiers, but I have just ordered the parts necessary to build a jfet preamplifier - why? Because I want to see if I can do it, I suppose. I guess an opamp preamplifier will follow for the other TPA3116 board.

I am running one with a Geekroo Picobber DAC on a Raspberry Pi B, and another with a B+, and Behringer UCA202 USB DAC, while I decide which I2S DAC to purchase.

The projects are fun, and the sound is rewarding, and not expensive either. I now just need to look for some nice sensitive vintage speakers to complete (at least one of) the projects.

I’m looking to buy this amp : … rd-50w-50w.
All I read is rather good about this.
I still wonder about power supply : linear or smps, from the same provider or not ?
Have anyone already order to this site ?
@pete : do you already own your tpa3116 board ?
How do you power it ?

Hi balbuze, yes, that (the blue/black) is the first board I bought. If you look on EBay, this is one of those available. My other is the Sure TPA3116 board. There is one from EBay seller audiobah, which has quite a following, but is much more expensive. The board that you are looking at works great, and there are any number of mods on various forums if you are interested. I use the stock board.

I bought my Yuan Jing (YJ) board on EBay, not direct, and I figure you get some buyer protection on EBay, and (from some sellers) free postage.

The (YJ) board I power with a repurposed 19v 3.42amp Acer laptop power supply, and the Sure board with an ATX power supply - I have tried with 12v, and 24v (using the -12v line), and both work fine.

For the price of the boards, it is worth a bit of experimenting and quite a lot of fun. :mrgreen:

ok !
it’s done ! As you suggest, I ordered it from ebay for about the same price : 15,69€ shipping included. Now I have to find a psu, to start I think I will use a laptop one and If it works as expected I’ll buy a linear PSU.
I 'll give you advice asap §

You will have lots of fun playing with TPA3116 amps! I have had a YJ “red” board amp for some time. Now there are many more to choose from. Much satisfaction with little cost… a great combination. I have attached a photo of the YJ amp and my newest project… a Pi, a DAC, and a very small TPA3116. They will go into two stacked cases.

I am really curious to try those TPA3116… Do you have some ebay link to share?

I ordered that one and received in less than a week!
What I can say it is that it works rather well. As I’m trying it in a new room with new loudspeaker s (old 3A 420) it’s hard to compare with my other amp rega brio. But bass are really punchy . but voices doesn’t sound as good as I expected. Now I’m looking for modify it (other caps and coils) . we can find plenty of mods over the net. I let you know.

Of course Ebay listings come and go, but I have been playing with this one for the past week or so. Cheap, easy to install, key caps are thru-board for easy swapping, very compact, fast delivery and sounds pretty good stock, although piano is still not quite as good as a 6bq5 tube SE amp. … EBIDX%3AIT

I have not made it public yet, but I made a little write-up on testing this amp with a volumio Pi

I have this one: … 4ad7d730f1

and this one: … 19f44f1794

both of which work very well. The first board has a lot of mods which can be implemented, I just use the standard board. I’m listening to the 1st one as I write.

This one is highly regarded on various forums: … 25903efbda

and this is (I think) the board that started the Audiokarma thread. This includes a volume pot, for those who do not wish to DIY. It is also the cheapest: … 33969df11a

All of them have merits, and at the price of some of them, multiple boards can be had to test, experiment and play with. :smiley:

I did some other listening with the blue board after rewiring the input and output and repositionning loudspeakers. What I can say that more I’m listening and more I find it sounds good!
The complete set is :

  • with ess9023 i2s dac
  • linear power supply for the dac and raspberry
  • a old 19V 2,5A fujitsu laptop PSU for the Yuan-Jing (YJ) Blue/Black 2.0 Board amplifier
  • a pair of old 3A 420 3ways loudspeakers
    I continue testing it now ! :mrgreen:

Got myself this: … 1703255569

Let’s see!

I too have built several TPA3116’s. They can sound remarkably good and if done correctly qualify as hi-fi in my book. Although not every chinese implementation is as good as the next, and most of them stand to gain benefit from replacing some of the bottom-shelf (or sometimes fake top-shelf) components on the boards with quality versions. Especially the power cap, conductors, bootstrap caps… more depending on the board and your compulsiveness for quality :slight_smile:

They are great fun and make nice manageable DIY projects. Diyaudio and Audiokarma have interesting and long threads dedicated to these cheap and efficient yet surprisingly nice sounding little amps.

Hi ! I bought the black-blue tpa3116 amplifier board. Connected to the RPI B + PiCobberDAC PCM5102 + rotary encoder software volume… and have some problems with sound :frowning:(((
If you set a small volume, very like to hear some buzz. But there is nothing to pause it. Perhaps it is a matter of audio drivers?

It looks like a high-frequency noise is heard on quiet passages only when playing music. Also audible clicks when switching music tracks.

I found ! ! !
Problem in “software volume” !
When switching on web gui “software volume” off and turn on “hardware volume” is the buzz disappears.
But I need to adjust the volume rotary encoder !!! What should I do ???
Is anybody any thoughts on this?
Help! Help! Help! :slight_smile:))))

I think you could add a potentiometer: … fier-Board

This potentiometer needs to be a “dual” or “stereo” one. It seems to be easy to connect and it is very cheap. I.e. this one: … 20e9f96f10

Yes thank you. Already connected to the ALPS potentiometer 18kOm. Work fine. But I need to buy new (50 kOm).

I have a RPI with i2s ES9023 DAC and latest volumio software connected to my Hi-FI system with excellent result and I want to build another one for use in a small room like a “Wireless Wifi / bluethoot Streaming Speaker”. I thought about using a TPA3116 for the amp.

Its possible to use directly the DAC to TPA3116 board without preamp? (only potentiometer).

I read that the TDA7492 sounds better but not recommended for use with 4-ohm speakers and 19V standard laptop power adapter. They say that a maximum of 18V for 4 ohm speakers.

Are there any other amp alternative with good sound quality for this project? I just need a few watts.

I think this is what you’re looking for:

If instead you want a standalone amplifier, with pot:


Good option but cost about 90€ with shipping and I have two i2s DAC that I want to take.

Yes quality has a price :wink:

We published the THD+N data on our website , the Volt+ has the best measurements of any TPA311x amps.