Cirrus Logic Audio Card B+

I’m in the process of upgrading my old Volumio setup to a newer one, with a B+ and the new Cirrus Logic Audio Card (revision of the Wolfson, for B+).
However, I’m having trouble building the kernel.
I’ve been following the instructions here: … g-the-code
though I’m completely hopeless at things like this, and can’t seem to build and upload the kernel for Volumio.

If anybody has any pointers, or has added support for the Cirrus card in Volumio and uploaded it somewhere, feel free to help me out.

Hi to all

I’m in the same process, triying to set up and working Cirrus Audio Card B+ with Volumio with no success.

Cannot compile new kernel from official github repository … a-new-try/ but only targeting for Wolfson Audio Card rpi B not matched for new Cirrus version rpi B+.

Any help will be really precied.


Source: new-dac-for-rpi-cirrus-logic-t2284.html

This DAC uses the same chips as the wolfson card. I would advise to take a look in the thread about that wolfson card.

I’ve had a look through that thread, but had no luck in getting it to work.
I tried using the image by m3m3mnto, which supported the Wolfson on the B, but I don’t believe he used a b+ compatible version of Volumio, as my ethernet and USB ports didn’t recognise (B+ has a different chipset for USB and ethernet)…

To those in the same boat as me, I’m still unable to get the Cirrus working with Volumio.
However, I’ve installed Openelec following this thread … ?start=150,
and it seems to be working well with the Cirrus.

Volumio would still be nicer, but until the support arrives (if ever), Openelec is quite good.
kernel 3.12.33-rt installable as .deb-file