cifs share on w2016 not mounted correctly

RPi 3 model B, volumio 2.246

I have mounted a cifs share apparently correctly, volumio starts scanning, gets to 122 albums (of >3000) stops and after a small delay, crashes. I have mounted the drive in Raspbian and can see the whole collection. I’m new to Linux but am learning fast :slight_smile:
This RAID array was previously on W2008r2 and worked without hitch - any help very welcome as I’ve spent many hours fiddling around with this including making an nfs share I couldn’t get to work at all - hey ho…

If you could send a log directly after the problem occurs, this would be useful. Please post the link to the log back here.

P.S. You might like to edit your topic title to better reflect your actual problem … you are more likely to receive help from people if they see exactly what the problem is.

thanks chsims1 - good advice, I hope the topic is a bit better…
The log file is:
I’ve had a look at it but I’m sorry to say it doesn’t mean a great deal to me at this stage.