chromium browser with volumio

As there is a plugin for volumio enabling the official RPI touch screen with volumio, I wanted to give it a try.
The bad thing is: it breaks my RPI3.

The reason seems to be the installation of raspberrypi-kernel and raspberrypi-bootloader.
These packages are required by libraspberrypi0.

If they get installed, the boot process of the RPI breaks with a kernel panic.

Anyone else encountered this issue so far?
I was using a RPI3 with 3A power supply using a working SD-Card.
The image was latest volumio image.

Any help would be great.


Yes, I experienced this, too.
The reason for this is that those upgrade the kernel, but volumio only works with a “custom” kernel, and it will panic during boot.

The huge problem is that chromium has a dependency on a package that has a dependency on the kernel packages you note. I don’t know the solution yet, I’m trying to get chromium from other sources, maybe an older version will do.

The plugin has been just updated, see here:

Now it works fine