Chromecast audio


I have been using Volumio for long until I got Chromecast Audio. I only use spotify or tidal. For me In terms of usability Chromecast Audio beats everything else. To stream music you just use native apps (spotify, tidal) from your phone! It is great!

Do you guys plan on including chromecast audio SDK/protocol in volumio?


Hi All,

First let me say what a fantastic system Volumio is. I’ve set-up my NAS drive so that all of my music can be played from any browser and also the Bubble and excellent Android UPnPlay apps. Linked to a Just Boom amp my little Raspberry Pi has become a great music player.

My reason for posting a request is that I’ve just bought a Google Home device and it would be terrific if I could Chromecast to my Pi system. I’ve followed a tutorial about automating it using IFTTT applets through automation storylines. However this entails loading the Prota Pi OS on the Pi and then loading Volumio on top . I’m not sure I’m up to doing all of that, although I shall have a go.

Chromecast support would enable the Google home set-up app to find the Volumio device and then music could be played from the Google home device.

Yours hopefully,