Chord Mojo not working on v.2.882

I’ve just got a Chord Mojo DAC, wich appears on the DAC compatibility topic as compatible, it’s not working on a Raspberry Pi 4.
I have another Raspberry Pi 4 with Allo Boss2 HAT DAC, wich needs a special older version of Volumio, and in that version the Mojo is recognized and works.
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Nobody’s using a Mojo with Volumio, that can confirm it’s being recognized or not?

so far as i could find any anwsers i only got this:

Volumio 1 recognises the Mojo as a DAC but unfortunately Volumio 2 does not.

what you could try is version 3.xx maybe that one does it again. ( this is buster instead of jessie )

Thanks for the reply.
Strange thing, as I have a Allo Boss2, wich only works with a special v2.853 Volumio version, and it recognized and worked with Mojo the first time I’ve connected, but never again…
I’ll get a new microSD to try v3.xx, as I don’t want to mess up my 2 stable current systems, and report back.

that is a smart option just test versions some will run better then the others …strange but true…
btw the 2.882 is not the best version to test with…