Cheap laptop as Roon Core

Tl;dr: Can I use a cheap crappy laptop to run Roon Core as long as its not connected directly to the system?

If you’ve ever run Roon Core on a laptop you’ll know it seems to muller resources and gets really hot, especially when you start chucking DSP and upsampling at it. If you’re using the same machine as the endpoint and plugging directly into your system then I get how all that noise generated messes with the signal. If you use a separate endpoint like a stand-alone streamer which is receiving the Roon data over WiFi, then it won’t matter that the Roon Core is running flat out, other than fan noise from the computer which can be put out of the way right? Or will the noise generated at the core affect the signal output over wifi?

I will be able to actually test this and see if there’s any audible difference, but not for a while so it’s all a bit abstract.