Cheap DAC that works fine for me

No extra configuration needed and it’s sounding great to me. … 55749.html

Might be useful for those on a budget and shipping all over the world

Awesome. I had a Griffin iMic in my box of cables/computer paraphernalia that works great with the Raspberry Pi build - no configuration needed!

I’m only using it for output though, no inputs. It’s not an amazing DAC but fine for utility purposes.

iMic is a very good product with high quality and low price.
Problem: under RaspyFi and Volumio the hardware volume control (available on the iMic) is not mapped correctly and the volume changes the basses…

I agree with Shano - the PCM2704 is a good option for those of us on a tight budget. It worked with Raspyfi (and Volumio) straight out of the box for me. Delivery took a couple of weeks (to UK) but all went smoothly. It even sounds pretty good through my hifi.
Can anyone recommend a good DACfor about £50?

I can recommend this … duct_id=87

@Ian: If you don’t have a problem spending less than £50 and you’re not afraid of soldering some connectors, you can check out our HiFiBerry DAC. There is another thread in this forum with some user reports.

Thanks hifiberry. I will certainly check that out and get bsck to you if I have questions. Looks neat.