changing volume makes the timer display change

Since upgrading to 2.201, when playing music from either NAS or USB stick, when I modify the volume downwards, the display on the left hand side of the UI (where you see the bit rate and the elapsed time) changes the elapsed time also downwards. E.g. when the elapsed time is 2:15, it goes back to 0:01 and starts counting again from there. Doing so a few times seems to stop the playback completely.
I don’t see this behaviour when playing webradio (probably because that field is not used).
RPI3 + iqaudio dac, hw volume control.


Same for me with rpi2 and hifiberry digi+ - volumio 2.201 as well.


I replied with this info in a different thread, but it fits here better.
copied below.


If it’s useful information, I’ve found that if you skip forward or back in a track, that resets the spot the timer returns to when you adjust the volume. For example, if I skip ahead to 1:16, and a minute later, adjust the volume, the track time clock resets to 1:16. The track continues to play normally.

If I have the web interface open on two devices, changing the volume on one of the resets the track clock on both devices.

In the last 2-3 seconds of the track, the clock jumps ahead to what I assume is the accurate time and the track finishes as it should.

PI3 Allo Kali
Pi3 USB dongle
All Volumio 2.201
All behave the same way
Pi3 Dragonfly - Unknown for now but I’ll check later.



I’m having similar issues, RPi3 with IQAudio DAC+, the timer resets to zero and starts counting again on both the webGUI and the iOS app when playing from Spotify, this happens any time I adjust the volume up or down.

A minor glitch but otherwise loving Volumio!