Changing a song via ssh

Please can someone help me I have set up my pi as a music on hold for our company it has one song playing looped in the nas file. I have setup remote ssh to the unit and I want to be able to change the song via wget and move the downloaded mp3 file to the nas file and delete the song that is currently playing…and most important start playing the new song looped… I feel like a I am few codes away. Can anyone direct me i am will to pay for the codes

Even if it won’t fully answers, have read here
For instance, when playing song from a playlist, mpc next will play the next song…
And the same for all listed command in the link above :wink:

Wow that really helps but I have downloaded the song with wget from my own website and i dont know where the song is I want to be able to download the song and make sure i put it in the NAT file and i dont seem to be getting it right


If you downloaded it logged as “pi” user, then you’ll find it in “/home/pi” folder…
The best way is to browse your network from a computer and place the song you want in the NAS or RAMPLAY folder. Don’t forget to update your library.

That i can do but I am doing this remotely off site via ssh