Changed to Static IP then GUI would not load

Hi, I used the GUI to change the wireless network to use a static IP. After first confirming that the address I wanted to use was not in use by any other devices on the network, and after getting annoyed that the dynamic IP address was, well, dynamic and moved around every so often requiring me to to use nmap to find where Volumio had wandered off to. After setting the static IP address and rebooting, the device was at the target address and responded to pings, and I could connect via ssh, but the GUI would not load in my browser (tried two different browsers). I’ve since hand-edited /etc/dhcpcd.conf to switch the interface back to dhcp, and the GUI now works again. Leaving me wondering why setting a Static IP broke the GUI?

did you set your gateway? or only static ip?

Wow, no. A bit of an oversight. Thank you for pointing out the embarrassingly obvious.

EDIT: I’m wondering whether Volumio might be able to pre-populate the Gateway field with the existing gateway that it fetched from dhcp. My gateway is at, the field was pre-populated with

your welcome :slight_smile: